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Altea is the name of one of the most beautiful and popular tourist resorts on the Costa-Blanca coastSpain. It is also known as a colony of artists. They came here in the middle of the twentieth century and brought considerable changes into the life of the inhabitants. The closest city and airport is Alicante, the from there road will take you half an hour by car or a couple of hours on train. Altea always joys the tourists and residents with pleasant sunny weather, so if you are tired from rain and cold, this place will be ideal for you.

Surely, prior to coming here for the first time you will have to find yourself a residence and this is where our Real Estate Agency ‘LUXINMO Real Estate’, so fortunately located in the very heart of Altea, will gladly help. Around half of the residents are foreigners who came here from European Union, Latin America and Russia. Many speak not only Spanish, but also English and French. You will be surrounded by modern buildings, luxurious offices, world-famous boutiques and various restaurants. The old town or, as it is called by the Spanish, Altea Pueblo, accommodates the most of the cultural heritage: Saint Virgo church (La Virgen del Consuelo), ruins of the fortress ‘Forte de Bernia’ and an art gallery of Roman Navarro. The beaches of Altea; ‘Cap Negret’, ‘Cap Blanch’ and ‘La Roda’ are mostly rocky, but ‘La Olla’ is covered with small sand. Moreover, you do not have to stay in the very centre of Altea. There are plenty of cosy neighbouring urbanisations and villages, they are also in our property base and you can find yourself a residence in any of them. However, we would like to point out the following, as the most popular:



Not very far from the town there is a “local Beverly Hills” luxurious area of Altea Hills. This closed urbanisation is located on the hill, rising for more than three hundred metres above the sea level. The property you can buy there is normally related to as lux-class property. The territory of this private village is separated with a turnpike and a security post, video cameras on the streets are on twenty-four-hours-a-day, the security guards lay regular patrols and so you will be feeling completely safe. Furthermore, you will get a chance to use the local hotel, gym, playground and several tennis courts.



Altea la Vieja or Altea la Vella, as it is spoken on the local dialect of the district of Valencia, is another urbanisation, where the property is relatively cheap. It is lying in the hills of Sierra Bernia. The security here is not as strict as in Altea Hills, which will obviously appeal to those who pursue free lifestyle. This place is a total paradise for painters and photographers, here they can find the most astonishing views of the coast and take fabulous photos.



Villa Gadea is located on the 332nd free national route on its 160th kilometre on the way to Altea. It is both a luxurious five-star hotel and an executive housing development. In the hotel itself there are a few open and closed swimming pools, spa-centre, private rock beach and many other facilities, which the guest could enjoy. The urbanisation is constantly guarded, it consists of an estimate of twenty cottages each divided into two apartments, the top and the bottom. The top apartments usually have a huge open terraces and perfect sea views; however, the bottom ones benefit from amazing gardens with a variety of fructifying trees and flowers. There is also a private beach and an open swimming pool. If you are planning to buy property in Villa Gadea, it will undoubtedly be a great investment of the money.



At the feet of the hill a relatively small housing settlement called ‘Mascarat’ is located. There you can find not only cheap flatstownhouses and apartments, but also some luxurious properties. Most of the houses have their own private swimming pool, garden and even a playground. Several buildings in ‘Mascarat’ are on the shoreline, so you can always enjoy the fascinating sunsets, sunrises and the sound of the breaking waves. Campomanes port is only a five-minute ride by car.



Yachts port ‘Luis Campomanes’ is the biggest port of Altea with the highest standards. Here you will be offered to rent a yacht and other vessels with or without the captain, and also practice some water sports such as diving, fishing and windsurfing. Even the pickiest client will find here something that satisfies his or her taste. In Campomanes there are a lot of cafes, bars and various restaurants, as well as a beauty salon and a few boutiques. An interesting fact is that Prime meridian or Greenwich is passing through the port.


The temple of Archangel Michael built in 1999 is officially related to as a part of the urbanisation Altea Hills, which belongs to the town of Altea, and stand on the 163th kilometre of the 332nd free national route. The temple is the only orthodox temple in Altea and the first in Spain. The Easter service carried out here annually since 2005. People come from all over the country from Castellon to the Almeria: Russian, Ukrainian, Moldavian, Belgian, Romanian, Greek, Serbs, Georgians, Armenians etc. The area of the temple is 192m2 and the height of the highest cupola is twenty-seven metres. The icons of the Kazan Divine Mother, Archangel Michael and other saints were brought here from Russia. On the seventh of January 2016 on the Christmas Day the tenth anniversary if the temple celebrated. Since then were carries out 179 christenings, 39 weddings and on 11th of November 2007 Patriarch Kirill visited the temple.

Besides our Real Estate Agency in Altea can offers you properties on places such as ‘La Galera del Mar’, ‘Sierra Alta’ and ‘Sierra Altea Golf’. If you decide to stay in Altea or the surroundings don’t hesitate to come to our office, where we will gladly help you to find a dwelling.

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